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Clinical trial results show that type 2 diabetes T2D prevention is possible, but it cannot simply be assumed that their results can easily or cost effectively be translated into practice. The main challenges are how to generate good evidence on the translation the trial results using far fewer resources in low-middle income countries, and information about cost-utility and sustainability of screening and lifestyle intervention in people with high T2D risk.

The main objective of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of
implementing a community-based program for T2D prevention (screening and lifestyle intervention) in people with high TD2 risk in Latin America (LA).

The special focus will be in:

  1. Identification of main barriers and strategies to overcome them;
  2. Economic evaluation of the program and its main components;
  3. Implementation and scaling up the program in the national health systems of the participating countries.

Study participants will be recruited from pre-selected districts of Barranquilla & Bogotá in Colombia, Lima in Peru and Cuernavaca in Mexico. A motivational lifestyle intervention program will be set up for the participants following the process model proposed by the EU- funded IMAGE project.

Main concepts and hypotheses are:

  1. High-risk individuals for T2D can be effectively identified using a questionnaire validated for LA: the FINDRISC-LA questionnaire;
  2. Lifestyle intervention is beneficial for individuals with an increased risk of T2D (FINDRISC-LA score =>13), regardless of their glucose metabolism status;
  3. A lifestyle intervention program based on the adoption of a healthy diet and the increase of physical activity is feasible to implement, well accepted by participants and health professionals, affordable by the health system, sustainable over time and cost-saving;
  4. A lifestyle community intervention program can help in reaching recommended international guidelines targets in people at high risk of T2D in the LA region.


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